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Team Coaching by Ira Rueder – COACHING 4 LEADERS drives your team to deliver Peak Performance.

Situational changes are massive challenges – especially for teams. Often dynamics within a team play a trick on successful change implementation. The prices to pay are productivity losses, time and nerves. Further successful transformation is hindered. Team Coaching utilizes the variety and creativity of your team to develop jointly viable, founded and sustainable solutions.

Performance with ease and passion

Performance growth within teams can always be viewed within a certain context. Which of these is your challenge? 

  • Dynamic roles and responsibility clarification within the Team
  • Virtual and multi-cultural teams and the benefits of diversity
  • Team reflection, optimizing the team collaboration
  • New leadership style for the team
  • Trustworthy accompaniment through structural and content change situations.
  • Solving team conflicts professionally: “Making a non-collaborative team to a collaborating one”
  • Improving motivation, collaboration and loyalty
  • Integrating teams and functions


Team Coaching supports you

  • to train flexibility when dealing with one another
  • to respect individuals and integrate individual strengths
  • to create understanding of the uniqueness of each individual
  • to drive agreements that support reaching the goals
  • to create awareness of the company goals and use these as the basis for all action
  • to develop individual and team goals and drive adherence to these
  • to develop a team spirit and drive motivation
  • to achieve performance with ease and passion

Before each Team Coaching, we will have with you as the client an intensive conversation in which we clarify questions like:

  • Do team members need potentially individual coaching?
  • Does the Team leader potentially require individual coaching?
  • Is Team Coaching as a first step the right step or may Conflict Resolution be the first one?

A strong team is powerful, effective and performing. Is this what you aspire?

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