„What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of the world calls butterfly.“

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Work. Life. Blending.

Life Coaching supports you in solving your individual challenges.

Do you often bend over backwards to please others? When are you really completely yourself? How often does consideration of your own needs and feelings fall by the wayside? In our society, women are often confronted with special demands. At work, they have to survive in a male-dominated environment. At the same time, career and family have to be reconciled and given equal consideration. In many industries, men still have to contend with a lack of understanding when they take care of their families and want to take parental leave or a sabbatical to do so. At the same time, special expectations are often placed on them in terms of performance.

All of this often leads to overload, frustration, conflicts and sometimes even burn-out. If you would like to rediscover your inner peace, your center, your deeply hidden resources & and would like professional support in doing so, then we would be happy to be there for you. We support you in discovering ways to meet your demands with serenity & sovereignty and at the same time find enough time for your individual needs.

What kind of personal topic is yours?

  • How do I manage to fulfill my life's dream?
  • How do I balance my professional & private life?
  • How do I find the way out of my life crisis?
  • How do I deal with stress, pressure and hectic?
  • How do I avoid the threat of burn-out?
  • How do I solve my inner conflict?
  • Who supports me in finding a solution?
  • How do I manage to get back to work?

Life Coaching ...

  • creates clarity in challenging situations
  • gives security in times of change
  • enables to define professional and personal priorities in a trusting environment
  • opens up new perspectives
  • helps to develop strategies
  • supports the formulation of concrete goals
  • and to shape the way to the goal in a focused way

The challenging and stressful situations in our fast and dynamic world are manifold - and they can be solved. With a holistic view of your individual professional and personal situation, in Life Coaching we step by step develop the path to the solution that is right for you. Towards serenity and inner peace.

Would you like to discover hidden opportunities, possibilities and perspectives? We are happy to support you!

Every coaching session begins with a free initial consultation - online or by phone. This meeting serves to examine your current situation and initial thoughts on possible starting points. At the same time, we discuss what our collaboration might look like.

Coaching sessions are trusting one-on-one conversations that often extend over several appointments. We arrange these together and flexibly. Without stress, completely relaxed, in presence or also online, regardless of where you or we are: At home. In the office. On travel.

In coaching sessions we work both theoretically and very practically on your goals. We work through the issues together so that you can implement the next steps. As coaches we provide you with an objective perspective, a sounding board for your thoughts and are happy to provide benevolently uncomfortable feedback.

Our coaching sessions are characterized by a high degree of practicality and liveliness. Especially because we know many life coaching topics from our own experience. We are happy to be there for you!

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