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Leadership Excellence Consulting by Ira Rueder - Expert with Top Management Experience.

Management? Not contemporary. Leadership Excellence is the today’s state of the art. Ira Rueder supports you managing the expectations of today’s 2000 century leadership style. She accompanies you goal focused, developing consequently your qualification and competencies. Emotional Performance is herewith a key topic.

As a leader in top management you are always under the spot light. You are always viewed by your employees – just like a movie star, always followed by paparazzi’s. No matter if in business or in private life, your individually style and charisma is always examined. In parallel you need to manage multiple, cross-functional, strategic and personal challenges:

  • Develop multi-year visions and strategies.
  • Communicate convincing and authentic goals, needs and benefits.
  • Lead organizations sovereignly and smart through transformation


Our global world is characterized by

  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguity


Leadership therefore should comprise

  • Vision
  • Understanding
  • Clarity
  • Agility
Leadership Excellence in a VUCA-World

Todays requirements are: quick response times, maximum stability, strong and trustful relationships, risk and error management, transparency and networking. With this background, todays leadership mission is a transformational one.

What does that mean? The fundament for successful leadership in a VUCA-World

  • Vision – a shared vision which is worth striving for
  • Understanding – for each other & listening to understand in the sense of Theory U
  • Clarity – internally & externally, combined with transparency in communication
  • Agility – in mindset, behaviour and actions

Stiff structures and separated silos have outlived themselves. Organisations today do function differently. Leaders no longer are the centre of know-how for their teams. They can and may utilize their network for the creation of value. The benefit: they relieve themselves and motivate their teams and network-partners, as being in demand strengthens self-confidence, self-assurance and engagement.

At the same time the organisation is required to aim for transparency and knowledge-sharing. Only by that it is possible to manage complexity and secure future viability. Employer branding, employee satisfaction and success are substantially determined by these factors.

And not only the organization wins by networking and transparency, but every individual: sharing competency and knowledge is fancy, makes us sympathetic and interesting. Both fosters a positive professional development.

Peak Performance Consulting

The topics of Leadership Excellence Consulting are extensive. Which one is yours?

  • Develop intercultural skills: Diversity Competency and Cultural Awareness
  • Develop Change Management Competency to ensure sufficient leadership through times of transformation
  • Emotional Leadership to improve motivation and performance
  • Conflict management and performing successfully within difficult conversations.
  • Crisis management with responsibility and foresight

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