„Strength lies in diversity, not in similarity."
Steven Covey


Team Coaching

Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.

Team Coaching by  COACHING 4 LEADERS - guides your teams towards peak performance.

Change situations are major challenges - especially for teams. All too often, group dynamic processes play tricks on successful change. This costs productivity, time and nerves and hinders successful transformation. At the same time, performance improvement in a team always develops in very specific contexts. Team Coaching uses the diversity and creativity of your teams to develop joint solutions that are viable, sound and sustainable. What challenge is your team facing?

Performance with easy and passion. Challenges:

  • Develop agile, self-organized teams
  • Clarify responsibilities & make them transparent
  • Implementation of Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking
  • Implementation of work with OKRs-Objectives & Key Results
  • Definition of team values
  • Dynamic role clarification of team members
  • Virtual and intercultural teams and the benefits of diversity
  • Reflection and optimization of team collaboration
  • New leadership meets existing team
  • Trustworthy support through structural or content-related change situations
  • Professional solution of team conflicts: "Divided group becomes workable team"
  • Increase of motivation, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Merging of teams/department

Solutions: Team Coaching supports ...

  • in identifying dysfunctions in teams
  • to strengthen team functionality
  • in defining team values
  • to train flexibility in dealing with each other
  • to respect individuality and integrate individual strengths
  • to create understanding for the uniqueness of the individual
  • to conclude agreements that promote the achievement of objectives
  • to understand company goals as the basis for creation & collaboration
  • in aligning individual and team goals with them
  • to define goals as OKRs - Objectives & Key Results
  • to lead teams into self-organization
  • to strengthen commitment & self-responsibility
  • to promote conflict competence in the team  .
  • to strengthen team spirit & to increase motivation
  • to perform with ease and passion

Order Clarification

Every team coaching is preceded by an intensive discussion with you as the client. In this meeting, we consider these questions together, for example:
  • What is the status of the team's functions?
  • Does a check-up based on the 5 dysfunctions of teams make sense?
  • Do individual team members need individual support?
  • Is individual support of the team leader necessary?
  • Is team coaching the appropriate approach or is conflict clarification necessary first?
  • Should the team coaching be a one-time event, or does a follow-up after a few weeks make sense?

A strong team is powerful, effective and high-performing. Do you wish for the same?

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