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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching


Leadership Coaching - by experts with longterm Leadership Experience

Management was yesterday. Today, leadership excellence is required. It's not just about doing things right. Above all, it's about doing the right things. And it's about reflecting on how to decide what is right.

We support you in meeting the requirements of leadership in the VUCA world - the demands placed on modern leadership. We accompany you in a goal-oriented way to consistently expand your qualifications and competencies and to make the best possible use of your potential.

As a leader, you are always in the spotlight: You are constantly observed by your team - just like a star is observed by paparazzi. This applies to your function in the company as well as to you as a person with your individual impact and charisma. At the same time, you have to master a wide range of strategic, professional and personal challenges:

  • Developing future-oriented visions
  • Communicate goals, meaning and benefits convincingly
  • Developing strategies and implementing them consistently
  • Leading confidently and calmly through change situations
  • Being a role model with lighthouse-like charisma

We will be happy to support you in mastering these and many other challenges with confidence and sovereignty. As a sparring partner at eye level. With many years of our own leadership experience and with comprehensive psychological expertise.

Leadership Excellence in der VUCA-Welt

Our global World is characterized by

  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguity

Leadership therefore should be characterized by

  • Vision
  • Understanding
  • Clarity
  • Agility

The requirements today are: rapid response capability while maintaining stability, strong and trusting relationships, risk and error management, transparency and networking. Against this background, the mission is a transformational leadership mission.

What does that mean exactly? The fundamentals of successful leadership in the VUCA world are:

  • Vision - a jointly supported vision as a desirable target image
  • Understanding - understanding each other & listening in the sense of Theory U
  • Clarity - inner & outer clarity and transparency in communication
  • Agility - agility in thinking and also in acting

Rigid structures and delimited territories have outlived their usefulness. Organizations function differently today. Managers have long since ceased to be the center of their team's know-how. They can and may draw on their "value network". The benefit: They relieve themselves and motivate their employees and network partners, because being in demand strengthens self-confidence and loyalty.

At the same time, the organization as a whole is called upon to embrace transparency and share knowledge. This is the only way to manage complexity and maintain future viability. Employer attractiveness, employee satisfaction and success are largely determined by this.

However, it is not only the organization that gains from networking and transparency, but each individual: Sharing competencies makes you likeable and interesting at the same time. Both promote positive professional development.

Coaching sessions are trusting one-on-one conversations over a period of several weeks or even months. These - as well as the appointments - are arranged flexibly together. Without stress, completely relaxed, in presence or also online, regardless of where you or we are: At home. In the office. On a business trip.

In coaching sessions we work both theoretically and very practically on your goals. We work through issues together so that you can implement the next steps. As coaches we provide you with an objective perspective, a sounding board for your thoughts and are happy to provide benevolently uncomfortable feedback.

Our coaching sessions are characterized by a high degree of practicality and liveliness. Not least because each of us has been active in national and international leadership positions for years and entrepreneurial thinking and acting is our daily business.

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