Ira Rueder

Executive Coach. Trainer. Speaker.

Ira Rueder made a classical career in the upper management of different global corporations of the travel and financial sevices industry. She studied at Free University of Berlin, Euro-FH and Bielefeld University in the faculties of labour law, mediation, personal psychology, communication psychology and emotion psychology and took her masters in Business Coaching & Change Management.

Early in her career, she already focused on human resource development, as the uncovering of hidden potential in individuals is dear to her heart. She successfully completed further educations for trainer and training supervisor and conceptually designed programmes for human resources development with special focus on leadership development.

Ira Rueder holds University degrees in coaching, change management and mediation and successfully completed an education for outplacement- and career-consultant.

Enabling and supporting continous development as well as discovering hidden potential in individuals is her focus. Communication psychology and emotion psychology are key elements of her work.

To scientifically further expand her knowledge, Ira Rueder is extra-occupationally taking her doctoral´s degree in the field of Managing Diversity at Bielefeld University.

Since 2006, Ira Rueder provides COACHING 4 LEADERS. In 2010, she established CHANGE 4 SUCCESS as consultancy company in Hamburg which was in 2012 followed by the foundation of the ACADEMY 4 EXCELLENCE, a training institute.

Ira Rueder supports organisations and corporations in change-projects, acts as business mediator, is tainer with the focus on leadership develoment and team development and supports leadership personalities and entrepreneurs throughout Europe as leadership excellence consultant and executive coach.

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