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Cultural change in organisations today is not a question of „whether or not?“, but a question of „how?“.



What would you do differently, had you known long before what you know now?



Agility is flexibility in thinking and acting. Agility begins in our head.


Ira Rueder


Ira Rueder is one of the top executive coachs in Germany and supports leadership personalities of many well known companies. The individual professional and personal development of people in leadership positions is her core focus. Especially due to the fact, that she very well knows the special challenges around power play, micropolitics and hidden agendas from her own experience of more than 20 years in the top management of global corporations.

My character & personality supports you in reaching your goals within your leadership role, your organization or upcoming challenges - we will develop jointly coherent solutions. My focus is always onto the human being with his or her individual characteristics, potential capabilities and prospects. My philosophy leans onto the central thought of the humanistic psychology.

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