„You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible."
Hermann Hesse

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching - opens perspectives for personalities.

You want a constructive dialog with a sparring partner at eye level? We are happy to be your sparring partner with many years of our own top management experience. Benefit from the especially intensive form of cooperation in Executive Coaching. The combination of psychological and professional consulting is exactly what makes executive coaching so particularly interesting and useful for top executives.

Which of the top executive topics moves you?

  • Who is a constructive sparring partner for me in my loneliness at the top?
  • How do I manage to resolve a particularly critical situation?
  • How do I bring stability to change processes?
  • How do I promote the talents of my top performers?
  • How do I increase the leadership competence of my management team?
  • How do I align vision and strategy with corporate values?
  • How do I implement a value-oriented leadership concept?
  • How do I balance my work-life strategy?

Executive Coaching ...

  • creates clarity in challenging situations
  • gives security in times of change
  • enables professional and personal priorities to be reflected upon and, if necessary, redefined in a trusting environment
  • opens up new perspectives
  • supports the development of vision & mission
  • helps to develop strategies for person - team - organization
  • supports you in formulating concrete goals
  • and to shape the way to achieve the goal in a focused way.

Coaching sessions are trusting one-on-one conversations over a period of several weeks or even months. These - as well as the appointments - are arranged flexibly together. Without stress, completely relaxed, in presence or also online, regardless of where you or we are: At home. In the office. On a business trip.

In coaching sessions we work both theoretically and very practically on your goals. We work through issues together so that you can implement the next steps. As coaches we provide you with an objective perspective, a sounding board for your thoughts and are happy to provide benevolently uncomfortable feedback.

Our coaching sessions are characterized by a high degree of practicality and liveliness. Not least because each of us has been active in national and international leadership positions for years and entrepreneurial thinking and acting is our daily business.

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