Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching by Ira Rueder – opens up perspectives for personality.

You wish a constructive dialog at eye level? Ira Rueder is your Sparring’s Partner with many years of management experience. Benefit from the exceptional and intensive collaboration within Executive Coaching. Combining psychological and professional counseling makes Executive Coaching for Top-Management so fascinating and beneficial. 


Which one of the Top-Executive Themes triggers you most?

  • With whom can I have a constructive dialog being at the “Lonely Top”?
  • How can I manage to find solutions in critical situations?
  • How can I bring stability in changing processes?
  • How can I develop the talents within my leadership team?
  • How can I drive the leadership skills within my leadership team?
  • How can I align vision and strategy with the companies’ values?
  • How can I implement a value-oriented leadership style?
  • How can I bring my Work-Life Strategy into balance?

You wish to secure your sovereignty and serenity and perform with passion and ease?

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