„An organization with agile teams is not an agile organisation; it is at first just an organization with agile teams!"
Markus Raitner

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

Design Thinking. Scrum. Kanban. OKRs.

Agile Coaching by COACHING 4 LEADERS accompanies you in your Agile Transformation

The Future of Work is Agile. Complexity requires agility. How agile are you already positioned as a person - team - organization? We are happy to accompany you in the agile transformation and in securing the future viability of person - team - organization.

Topics Agile Transformations

  • Promote empowerment culture
  • Establish vital learning culture
  • Develop agile self-organized teams
  • Clarify responsibilities and make them transparent
  • Work goal-oriented
  • Work in iterative cycles
  • Develop products with a focus on the customer
  • Understand and apply agile roles & formats
  • Develop an agile organization

Solutions in Agile Transformations ...

  • Use Kanban
  • Share success stories & fuck ups
  • Implement Scrum & Train Scrum Masters
  • Use Delegation Poker
  • Working with OKRs - Objectives & Key Results, train OKR Experts
  • Plan sprints and conduct regular retrospectives
  • Use Design Thinking
  • Train and implement Agile Coaches
  • Train and implement Agile Change & Transformation Managers

Order Clarification

Every Agile Transformation is preceded by an intensive discussion with you as the client. In it, we consider these questions together, for example:

  • What exactly is your goal?
  • How agile is your team - your organization already?
  • How intense are the characteristics of the Agile bloom phase?
  • How open are teams and people leaders to Agile working?
  • What competencies are already in place?
  • Which potentials can be used?

You can also find trainings in all topics around Agile working in our sister company ACADEMY 4 EXCELLENCE

An agile organization is a resilient and crisis-proof organization. Is that what you want as well? 

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